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Hacked Road Sign: Trump Is a ‘Shape-Shifting Lizard’

The truth is here, Donald Trump is a “shape shifting lizard.”

The Hill reports:

The electronic sign, intended to warn drivers of roadwork, was changed twice during the course of the Memorial Day weekend, first to “Party Hardy Yall” and later to the message about Trump.

“It has been removed,” a Texas DOT spokesman told the local CBS affiliate after the first message was posted. “And the contractor has taken steps to secure the sign.”

A different sign was hacked to read “Bernie For President” in support of the Democratic presidential candidate. Both signs were located along Interstate 30.

A third sign hacked on Tuesday morning took a less-political tact, advising commuters, “Work is canceled. Go back home.”

The relatively simple process of hacking the black-and-yellow electronic signs is usually done on-site by breaking into a locked access panel on the devices.

“Due to safety concerns, we strongly discourage people from stopping in work zones to create situations such as this,” the DOT spokesman told NBC.

Photo credit: Global News.

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