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MSNBC Interrupts Libertarian Candidate to Talk to Clinton

Gary who? Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson was interrupted mid-interview by MSNBC so that they could talk to Hillary Clinton.

“Governors, I want to pause here for a second because we’ve got a rare opportunity – we’ve got more presidential candidates than we know what to do with today,” MSNBC host Chuck Todd said.

“You get the treat of being able to respond to what Hillary Clinton has to say,” Todd told Johnson and Weld in introducing Clinton’s phone interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

The Hill reports:

After Clinton’s interview, which lasted a little over 7 minutes, Todd introduced the Libertarian presidential ticket back to the program to finish their interview.

“Perhaps this is a preview for later in the fall,” Todd quipped, referring to the back-to-back interviews.

The MSNBC appearance was billed as the Libertarian ticket’s first joint interview.

Clinton’s appearance on MSNBC was slated to air in the 4 p.m. hour and started shortly after 5 p.m. Her appearance on CNN moments earlier was similarly delayed.

During her appearances on the networks, Clinton defended her access to media, saying she’s done around 300 interviews this year and vowing to hold a press conference in the near future.

Johnson won the Libertarian Party’s nomination on Sunday. The former New Mexico governor received 10 percent support in a Fox News poll conducted in mid-May.

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