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Poll: Voters Prefer Trump to Clinton on Economy

According to a new poll, Donald Trump is a more popular candidate than Hillary Clinton when it comes to the economy.

The Hill reports:

A Gallup poll released Thursday shows 53 percent of voters think Trump would be the best presidential candidate for the economy, compared to the 43 percent who prefer Clinton.

But voters put more trust in Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, on education and healthcare.
Sixty-one percent prefer Clinton on education issues, while only 35 percent prefer Trump.

Likewise, 56 percent of those surveyed said Clinton would be the better candidate to manage healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, while 40 percent preferred Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee.

Trump, however, has more support among voters concerned with jobs and terrorism, which respondents said are the most important issues in this election.

The majority of voters surveyed — 52 percent — find Trump the best candidate on employment and jobs, compared to 45 percent who prefer Clinton.

Meanwhile, 50 percent think Trump is the best candidate to handle terrorism and national security, while 45 percent prefer Clinton.

“More Americans prefer Trump than Clinton to handle the issues of utmost importance to voters this fall,” pollster Lydia Saad wrote.

The poll was conducted from May 18-22 among 1,530 adults with a 3-point margin of error.

Photo credit: CBC.

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