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Sanders to ‘Assess’ Path After California

Bernie Sanders made it clear that he plans to “assess” his path to the nomination after California.

“Let’s assess where we are after tomorrow before we make statements based on speculation,” Sanders told reporters in California when asked whether he would step aside if he loses on Tuesday night.

“We are speculating before what is in fact the most important primary.”

The Hill reports:

He added that he would be flying back to his home in Vermont after the California primary.

Sanders trails Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race for delegates and is certain not to overtake her in pledged delegates, given the expected results in California and five other states voting on Tuesday.

His argument is that he could get a jolt of momentum from a victory on Tuesday and that this could convince superdelegates — the party officials who have a vote in the nominating contest — to support him over Clinton.

Such a scenario is unlikely, however, given Clinton’s commanding lead among superdelegates.

Sanders told the reporters that he’s seeing “a little bit of momentum” in private conversations. He pointed to four superdelegates who have decided to back him.

“There is no question we are going to get more,” Sanders said.

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