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Libertarian Nominee Makes Pitch to Sanders Supporters

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson made a pitch to Bernie Sanders supporters on Wednesday.

“For all those Bernie supporters out there, how about taking a look at the Libertarian ticket?” Johnson said Wednesday morning on CNN’s “New Day.”

The Hill reports:

Johnson said he presented a “real alternative” to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominees for the Democrats and Republicans, respectivey, pitching himself as fiscally conservative but pointing to a role for government.
“Government can level the playing field. Crony capitalism is alive and well,” said Johnson, who has noted that he agrees with much of what Sanders says.
He also went after Clinton’s foreign policy credentials as secretary of State in the Obama administration. Sanders regularly slams her 2002 vote for the Iraq War.
“I do think that Hillary has been the architect of what is happening worldwide, and I don’t think the world is any safer today,” Johnson said.
Clinton on Tuesday night declared herself the presumptive Democratic nominee after winning several state contests, including California and New Jersey. Sanders said he’ll continue campaigning until the Democratic National Convention next month.
Trump similarly made a pitch for supporters of Sanders on Tuesday night, saying he would welcome “with open arms” supporters of the Vermont senator “who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates.”
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