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Obama: Sanders Made Clinton a Better Candidate

President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that Bernie Sanders made Hillary Clinton a better candidate.

The Hill reports:

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon taped Wednesday, Obama called the heated primary “a healthy thing for the Democratic Party.”

“I thought that Bernie Sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas. And he pushed the party and challenged them. I thought it made Hillary a better candidate,” he said.

Obama, who is not expected to make a formal endorsement of Clinton until after he meets with Sanders at the White House Thursday, nontheless praised his former secretary of State.

“I think she is whip smart. She is tough. And she deeply cares about working people and putting kids through school and making sure we’re growing our economy,” he said.

Obama said it’s normal for there to be lingering tensions at the end of a tough primary, as there were between him and Clinton in 2008.

“My hope is, is that over the next couple of weeks, we’re able to pull things together. And what happens during primaries, you get a little ouchy. Everybody does,” he said.

Photo credit: White House.

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