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Biden: ‘God Willing,’ Clinton Will Be President

Vice President Joe Biden endorsed his former colleague in the Senate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she secured the number of delegates need to clinch the nomination for President.

“Keep in mind, we have another entire term of this potential confusion if the vote [for Justice Scalia’s replacement] is not allowed this year. Anybody who thinks that whatever the next president— and God willing, in my view, it’ll be Secretary Clinton,” Biden said in a speech at the American Constitution Society on Thursday.

“Now I don’t say that for political reasons, but whoever it is, even if it is a Democrat, the idea this will be brought up within a month or two or three is highly unlikely,” he added.

From the Hill:

The vice president’s remarks came as he delivered a stinging speech criticizing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump‘s attacks on a federal judge as biased due to his heritage.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) also gave her support to Clinton Thursday night. 
Bernie Sanders on Thursday said he would campaign for votes ahead of Tuesday’s primary in Washington, D.C., but said he would push for party unity after a meeting with Obama.
Biden considered launching a White House bid of his own last fall to challenge Clinton for their party’s nomination before ultimately deciding he didn’t have enough time to mount a campaign, which he announced in a high-profile speech in the White House Rose Garden.
But the thought of his presidential prospects remained on his mind, with him remarking to ABC News last month, “I think I would have been the best president.”
Biden remained neutral throughout the primary, though appeared at times to favor Sanders’s focus on income inequality, saying in January that Clinton was “relatively new” to the issue.
On Thursday, Biden offered high praise of Sanders following a meeting with the independent Vermont senator but stopped short of endorsing Clinton as Obama had done.
Clinton’s campaign released a video on Thursday of Obama offering a full-throated endorsement of his 2008 Democratic rival and former secretary of State, saying, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”


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