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Sanders Surrogate Blasts Warren: ‘You Don’t Get Brownie Points From Me’

Former Ohio State Senator and militant Sanders supporter Nina Turner had some harsh words for progressive hero Senator Elizabeth Warren after the latter endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

“It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” Turner told Steele and Unger on SiriusXM.

“You don’t get any brownie points from me and other progressives for getting into a Twitter war with Mr. Donald Trump. That’s easy.”

“But when the fight was hard for Sen. Bernie Sanders, where was Sen. Warren?”

From the Hill:

Warren announced her endorsement for Clinton on Thursday night, just days after the former secretary of State became the Democratic presumptive nominee.

As one of the top progressive lawmakers in the Democratic Party, some Sanders supporters believe that Warren should have backed the Vermont senator.

“They’re gonna attack me for saying this, but I’m a truth-teller at this point,” Turner added.

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