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Sanders Surrogate Blasts Warren: ‘You Don’t Get Brownie Points From Me’

Former Ohio State Senator and militant Sanders supporter Nina Turner had some harsh words for progressive hero Senator Elizabeth Warren after the latter endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

“It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” Turner told Steele and Unger on SiriusXM.

“You don’t get any brownie points from me and other progressives for getting into a Twitter war with Mr. Donald Trump. That’s easy.”

“But when the fight was hard for Sen. Bernie Sanders, where was Sen. Warren?”

From the Hill:

Warren announced her endorsement for Clinton on Thursday night, just days after the former secretary of State became the Democratic presumptive nominee.

As one of the top progressive lawmakers in the Democratic Party, some Sanders supporters believe that Warren should have backed the Vermont senator.

“They’re gonna attack me for saying this, but I’m a truth-teller at this point,” Turner added.

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  • donsf2003

    Turner is pathetic.

    • Francesjhaywood3

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  • Richard Pancoast

    I guess the GOP eating it’s own looked like so much fun, the Dems will try it now.

  • Joel Christen

    Nina turner, stubbornly hanging onto 14:59 of her fifteen minutes…

  • Lestatdelc

    The cultist rages on against Warren. People like Nina Turner are nuts.

    • moodpost

      Hey Mitch, I must agree.

      I have been disappointed in the fringes in both the Clinton and Sanders camps. The Clinton people rage on about how he is bashing Hillary, and he should concede, and the Sanders people can’t seem to get a grip that their guy lost.

      I feel fortunate that both candidates have been so great. I want the Clinton people to go easy on the Sanders people and give them a little time to count up the votes and realize Hillary not only won, but she is a great candidate.

      I voted for Bernie. It was a bit of a toss up, but I gave it to him on consistency at being on the right side of the issues for a good long while. But I have to concede, Hillary is a great candidate. She will be a great president. I can’t say I ever really liked her or that she connected with me exactly, but she is exactly what we need.

      She has moved the needle with me. Congratulations, Hillary!

      • wbischo

        Sanders IS bashing Hillary, and Bernie’s “people” won’t get a grip that their guy lost, unti their guy TELLS THEM THAT HE LOST, and then tells them the best thing they can do FOR THEIR COUNTRY NOW, is continue to support the DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for the Office of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. There a great deal MORE to that leadership job than the few issues Sanders constantly spoke of during the Primaries. The ENTIRE WORLD will be affected by who wins this election. TRUMP wants divisiveness and world war, and NOT VOTING or not voting for Hillary will guarantee that Trump will get what he wants. Even the REPUBLICANS are realizing that fact.

    • Seedee Vee

      You douchebag.

  • AldeneF

    I like Nina Turner, but she’s overlooking that fact that it’s Elizabeth Warren’s choice as to whom to endorse and when. She chose not to take sides until the votes were in, and I respect that. Would you rather have her endorse Hillary Clinton at the outset?

    • Dorothy Nadeau

      But, all of the votes are not in. California has not finished counting and will not be finished until July 9th. There are still Primaries that have to be conducted. Approximately 6 million provisional ballots were never counted AND super delegates don’t vote until July 25th!

      • wbischo

        There are not enough votes outstanding to change the outcome of the election. The superdelegates have verified that they WILL cast their votes for Hillary because Hillary has won the most votes from the people. They said they see no reason to change who they are supporting. An election is called when the outcome is KNOWN. Sanders needs to stop stringing his supporters along or he will hand the Presidency to Trump. Surely neither he nor his supporters hate this country that much.

  • sherlock

    Nina Turner is the most unqualified loud mouth ignorant person I’ve seen in a long time..She has no reason to be on a national political stage, she’s a low level nobody who lost her bid for a state job on a local level. Sanders keeps her around for her color. It’s disgusting. Sanders people of color are race baiting, President Obama haters who pumped up Sanders rallies with disgust and hate for the President and for Clinton. Cornell West is shifty and he’s an old revolutionary who is not like among most in the Black community because he’s an idiot. Turner has the same reputation on a par with Palin. Stupid idiot that she is.

  • Donald Wright

    Eric Carriere, you cleverly used wordplay to disparage Nina Turner, and that has proven to me what others have said about Issue hawk. You are just another HRC propaganda tool. You call Nina Turner “militant”, so are you implying that she is violent? Definition of “militant”, combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme violent, or confrontational methods”. That reminds of HRC using wordplay to describe young black people as “super predators”. Typical racist code words. Shame on you. When HRC is criminally indicted for her violations of the Espionage Act, You’ll probably call her a victim instead of the criminal that she is.

  • wbischo

    Warren DID SUPPORT Sander until he lost the race for the nomination. Now she supports Clinton, as SANDERS SHOULD BE DOING. WHY should Hillary say what Sanders wants to HEAR? She won the nomination based upon what SHE believes, not what HE was promising. Most Americans know it makes more sense to offer free vocational school, and lower the cost of all Colleges, than offer the unworkable free public college Sanders promised. ALSO, Hillary has been working for Healthcare in this country for over twenty years and the ACA is a START towards that, and she believes we can improve upon the ACA, instead of starting over and end up losing what we have now. Many of my family members were uninsurable before the ACA, nd they now have health insurance. She has also tried to get equal pay for ALL workers and higher minimum wages for years too. Sanders is just trying to “look strong” for his supporters who “believe” HE STILL EXPECTS to BECOME THE NOMINEE when he goes to the convention. I doubt any of these young first time voters will ever want to be a part of the political process again, and it is not because Bernie lost, it is because he does not ACCEPT THAT FACT AND JOIN HILLARY to put the democrats in Congress and in the White House. That WAS the GOAL WHEN THE PRIMARIES BEGAN! HE HAS BEEN STRINGING HIS SUPPORTERS ALONG FOR WEEKS WITH FALSE HOPE instead of forward looking OPTIMISM. This country “IS GREAT” and neither Bernie NOR his young supporters seem to know that right now.