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Reagan’s Son: Nothing ‘Reaganesque’ About Trump

Eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan Michael has said that Trump should stop comparing himself to his father. He took it a step further on CNN on Saturday.

“There’s nothing really Reaganesque” about him, Michael Reagan told Michael Smerconish.

“I mean, my father was humble. That’s not what you find in a Donald Trump, I might say.”

“He wasn’t demeaning. He didn’t talk down to people. He talked with people, which is the complete opposite of what Donald Trump, in fact, does,” he added.

From the Hill:

Reagan suggested that Trump should humble himself and apologize for some of his controversial comments, including offering apologies to the federal judge he has attacked, Ted Cruz’s father – Trump spread a tabloid story alleging that Rafael Cruz had ties to John F. Kennedy’s killer – andMarco Rubio. Otherwise, Reagan said, “he’s going to have a lot of trouble winning the election in November.”

Reagan said Trump would also do well to pick former Speaker Newt Gingrich as his running mate.

“I think it would be a good choice. He needs somebody who certainly knows Washington. And certainly knows the Congress of the United States of America,” Reagan said. 

On Monday, Reagan tweeted that his father would have broken with his party to not support Trump. 

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