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Trump On Jeb Endorsement: ‘Who The Hell Cares?’

Anyone who followed the 2016 primary knows there is no love lost between former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Since he clinched the nomination, however, Jeb Bush is one of the few primary rivals Trump metaphorically beat into submission to not turn around and endorse the candidate.

Jeb’s father and brother, Presidents George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush, are also not making any endorsements or going to the convention this year.

From the Hill:

During a rally in Tampa, Fla. Trump mocked the former Florida governor’s failed presidential run.
Trump noted Bush’s low polling throughout the contest, which placed him at the edge of the stage at Republican debates.
“I was center stage at every debate,” Trump said. 
“You know the way guys were falling off the ends? I said ‘Jeb, you’re not gonna be here much longer, you’re pretty far down there Jeb-ah. You’re not going to be here much longer, Jeb. You gotta get tougher, Jeb.’ ”
“I don’t think he’s going to endorse me, do you folks?” Trump asked the crowd, before dismissively adding: “Who the hell cares?”
Bush has said he will not vote for Trump in November.

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