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Sanders Will Take Ideas To Convention, But We ‘Know Who Has The Most Votes’

Senator Bernie Sanders told reporters that he is still carrying on his campaign to the convention in July, but he’s not actively seeking to supplant Hillary Clinton as the nominee.

It has been expected that Sen. Sanders would “end” his campaign and endorse Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee in the coming days.

Sanders told reporters that while he will continue to deliver his message, “we know who has the most votes.” It’s not so much an endorsement as it is an acknowledgement of the facts.

From the Hill:

Sanders comments followed daylong meetings with some of his top supporters, in which he sought input for how the campaign should move forward.

The Vermont senator also plans to meet with Clinton Tuesday to press her to embrace his progressive agenda. 

On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Sanders said he and Clinton will discuss “if she wins, what kind of administration she will have.” 

“What I need to see [is] a commitment that there will be progressive taxation,” Sanders said. 

“Will she go as far as I would like her to go? No, she won’t,” he said. “But I think millions of people want to understand and see is what kind of commitment she has to addressing the real crises in the country.” 

Sanders also reiterated his condolences for the victims of the Orlando, Fla., nightclub shooting before addressing his campaign strategy.

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