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Libertarian Nominee: We Must Not ‘Politicize’ Orlando Shooting

Most of the Presidential candidates commented on the terror attack in Orlando, and all tied it to some part of their campaign. All but former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson.

“Thoughts are with the [Orlando] victims [and] a community who has been attacked. It’s a time to mourn, be strong & be what makes America great,” he wrote on Twitter. He derided both major party candidates for politicizing the tragedy.

While Gov. Johnson has a point, this is also a strategic move. As the Libertarian Party vies for support from “Never Trump-ers” and disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters, their policy on gun control would put Johnson in the unenviable position of having to say he wants less gun control.

From the Hill:

Johnson urged people to let the authorities continue their investigations and to extend their condolences to the victims of the attack.

“In this immediate aftermath of what is clearly a tragic and despicable attack, our thoughts must be with the victims,” Johnson said in a statement to The Washington Post.

“Regardless of what the motivation is ultimately found to be, this violence against innocent people simply going about their lives is both cowardly and infuriating. We must allow the authorities to do their jobs, understand how this attack came about, and then respond accordingly. It is not a time to either politicize or jump to conclusions.”

The shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub, early Sunday morning is considered the deadliest mass-shooting incident in the U.S. history. 

The suspect, Omar Mateen, was killed in a shootout with police in the club. He had been interviewed by the FBI three times, in 2013 and 2014, for possible ties to terrorism. 

The suspect had called 911, and his remarks had general connections to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the FBI confirmed. ISIS is taking credit for the attack online. 


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