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Leading Gay Rights Group Joins Gun Control Fight

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the United States, joined the gun control fight on Friday.

“Forty-nine members of our community were murdered on Sunday morning because of a toxic combination of two things: a deranged, unstable individual who had been conditioned to hate LGBTQ people, and easy access to military-style guns. It is imperative that we address both issues in order to mitigate safety risk to our community,” campaign President Chad Griffin said in a statement.

The Hill reports:

In Congress, the Orlando massacre has renewed focus on gun control legislation. The Senate on Monday is expected to vote on measures from both Democrats and Republicans.

The campaign’s resolution states that the group supports “common-sense gun safety reform,” mentioning “limiting access to assault-style rifles, expanding background checks, and limiting the ability for suspected terrorists and those with a history of domestic abuse to access guns.”

The group on Friday turned its headquarters in Washington into a memorial for the victims of the Orlando shooting, installing in its windows images of the 49 individuals gunned down at the gay nightclub Pulse and displaying the text “We are Orlando” at the bottom of the eight-story tribute.

An FBI official this week characterized the shooting as a hate crime and act of terrorism, with the New York-born U.S. citizen behind the attack reportedly claiming allegiance to Islamic militants.

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