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‘Free the Delegates’ Raising Money for Anti-Trump Effort

A new anti-Donald Trump campaign is seeking additional funding to take Trump down and to free the delegates who are forced to vote for him.

The Hill reports:

The group calling itself “Free the Delegates” now has several hundred Republican delegates and alternates counting themselves as members.

The group is led by Republican National Convention delegates hoping to block Trump from receiving the nomination at next month’s convention. They want to change the rules so they are not forced to vote in line with the results of their state primaries or caucuses.

On Saturday, Trump accused former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush of mounting a convention coup against him, after reports emerged about Republican delegates looking for ways to avoid voting for him.

But leaders of Free the Delegates insist that they are not working on behalf of any of Trump’s former opponents.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr.

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