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Sanders Not Ready to Endorse Clinton: ‘Stand up, Be Bolder’

Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that Hillary Clinton would need to be bolder if she wants to win over his supporters.

“We are trying to say to Secretary Clinton and the Clinton campaign, ‘Make it clear which side you are on,’ ” Sanders said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders, who said Friday he would likely vote for Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, in the general election, hasn’t suspended his presidential campaign or formally endorsed her. He is waiting for Clinton to make major concessions on policy issues, including on the minimum wage, healthcare and education.

“I think, right now, what we are doing is trying to say to the Clinton campaign: ‘Stand up, be bolder than you have been,’ and then many of those voters in fact may come on board,” he said.

Sanders said he thinks Clinton doesn’t “go far enough” on some of her policies. He wants to see tuition-free college and universities, while Clinton has called to make tuition affordable.

“The truth is, Secretary Clinton has some good ideas about higher education. It doesn’t go far enough,” he said.

And he said the Democratic Party and Clinton need to be “much more aggressive” about healthcare.

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