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Trump Details ’50 Facts’ Attacking Clinton

Donald Trump released a 35-page document attacking Hillary Clinton over the weekend.

The Hill reports:

The document, titled “Top 50 Facts About Hillary Clinton From Trump ‘Stakes of the Election’ Address,” goes through 50 claims Trump has made against the presumptive Democratic nominee and uses various articles and other information to defend them.

The presumptive GOP nominee tweeted out the document Sunday afternoon.

The claims Trump makes come from a speech last week in which he attacked Clinton, aiming to cast her as a corrupt figure who is more interested in her own interests than those of American workers.

Trump attacks Clinton for topics ranging from her “disastrous” trade deals to the paid speeches she previously made to Wall Street groups.

In the document, Trump also seeks to tie Clinton to the trade policies of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and again repeats the accusation that Clinton was sleeping at the time of the Benghazi attacks — which he recently admitted he can’t prove — and claims Clinton performed favors for donors as secretary of State.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr.

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