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Clinton Lauds Warren in First Joint Appearance

Hillary Clinton praised Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her recent appearance on the campaign trail, suggesting to critics that Warren may become her eventual runningmate.

The Hill reports:

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spent the first five minutes of her speech lauding the progressive titan, whom many Democrats see as a bridge between Clinton and the more liberal supporters of Bernie Sanders.

“You just saw why she is considered so terrific, so formidable, because she tells it like it is,” the former secretary of State said of Warren, who had just finished a rousing introduction speech that bashed presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and celebrated Clinton.

“I want to thank her for fighting every single day for families. … Elizabeth is leading the fight to liberate millions of Americans from the burden of student debt and to make sure Washington never again profits off of our students.”

Clinton thanked Warren for her tough attacks on Trump — she’s repeatedly served as the party’s leading critic of the de facto GOP nominee, which has only heightened speculation about her future on Clinton’s ticket.

“As Elizabeth made clear, Donald Trump proves every day he’s not in it for the American people; he’s in it only for himself. Elizabeth reminds us of that every chance she gets,” Clinton said.

“She exposes him for what he is: temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president of the United States.”

Clinton didn’t address the rumors about Warren’s potential spot on the ticket, but she made it clear that Warren will be an integral part of her work in office.

“As soon as we start to work, Elizabeth, we’ll take the day off for the inauguration, but then the Senate, the Congress, the White House, we are going to get to work to give students and their families relief from this debt,” Clinton said.

While the campaign has not yet settled on a vice president, Clinton is reportedly vetting Warren, along with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), as her potential No. 2.

Photo credit: Politicus USA.

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