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Former Bush National Security Official Backing Clinton over Trump

Another Bush-era Republican has jumped ship and will back Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

The Hill reports:

Kori Schake, a research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute and a former senior defense and National Security Council official under former president George W. Bush, will be casting her vote for Clinton this fall, her sister tweeted on Saturday.

“For the first time ever @KoriSchake and I are casting our vote for the same candidate — She is voting for @HillaryClinton,” her sister, Kristina Schake, a Democrat and deputy communications director for the Clinton campaign, tweeted.

Kori Schake served as director for defense strategy and requirements on the National Security Council during Bush’s first term, deputy director for policy planning at the State Department during his second term, and as a senior policy adviser for Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) 2008 presidential campaign.

Schake told The Hill it wasn’t a hard decision for her to make.

“I was going to write in my nephew, or write in [former Indiana Gov.] Mitch Daniels, [but] I am actually worried Trump could get elected,” she said.

“Watching the British debate on the referendum about the EU, I don’t want to wake up the morning after the election, and think, ‘Oh my God, all of us who could have prevented this didn’t do enough.'”

Schake signed a March letter from 121 Republican national security professionals who said they would not be voting for Trump.

Several of those signatories have said they would vote for Clinton, including Robert Kagan and Peter Mansoor.

Hank Paulson, a Treasury secretary under Bush, and Dick Armitage, deputy secretary of State under Bush, recently said they would back Clinton. Republican columnist George Will recently announced he was leaving the GOP because of Trump but did not say whether he would cast a vote for Clinton.

Schake said many of her Republican national security colleagues will also hold their nose and quietly vote for Clinton.

One of the organizers of the letter, Bryan McGrath, the deputy director for the Center for American Seapower at the Hudson Institute, expressed disappointment over Kori Schake’s decision. He has vowed not to support Trump but also not to support Clinton either.

“I hate that it has come to this,” he tweeted Sunday about her decision. “I understand [email protected] decision, but cannot support it. There are other paths.”

McGrath told The Hill he is planning to write in Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who ran unsuccessfully for the nomination, and has recently decided to run again for the Senate.

“What’s important is that the right of center national security community has to get its act together while it’s in the wilderness for a few years, and the way to do that is not to make common cause with Hillary Clinton and the left,” he said.

Still, McGrath added, “Kori’s a friend of mine, and I respect her decision, and I expect there will be more making the same decision that she has.”

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