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Less Than Half of Texan Sanders Fans Would Back Clinton

According to a new poll, less than half of Bernie Sanders supporters in Texas would back Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports:

Forty percent of Sanders backers, meanwhile, say in the University of Texas/Texas Politics Project survey they would ultimately cast ballots for Clinton during the general presidential election.

Forty-nine percent of Sanders supporters view Clinton unfavorably, pollsters also found, contrasted with 25 percent who see her favorably instead.

“Sanders has been reluctant to throw in the towel and endorse Clinton,” Texas Politics Project director James Henson said Monday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“That’s showing in these numbers,” he added. “Clinton has plenty of time to work with Sanders and his supporters. But I think the ball is very much in Sanders’s court right now.

“The Sanders voters are likely in large numbers to follow the lead of their candidate. But he’s gotta lead them to that place.”

Pollsters found Sanders supporters are not leaning towards backing Donald Trump instead of Clinton, however.

Just 10 percent say they would vote for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee this November.

The University of Texas/Texas Politics Project conducted its latest sampling of 1,200 voters in Texas via online interviews from June 10-19. It has a 2.83 percent margin of error.

Clinton is trying to court Sanders’s supporters after an at-times bruising primary with the independent Vermont senator.

Sanders on Sunday said Clinton must “stand up” and “be bolder” on policies involving education and healthcare to win over his backers.

Sanders admitted last Friday he would vote for Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, this fall.

Sanders has repeatedly refused to suspend his own White House run, however, arguing he wants to influence the Democratic Party’s platform before he does so.

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