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Poll: Majority Pick Clinton over Trump on Campaign Finance

A new poll has shown that the majority of voters trust Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump when it comes to finance.

The Hill reports:

Fifty-six percent of voters say they trust Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, to curb the influence of money in politics in an Issue One/Ipsos survey released Wednesday. Forty-four percent said they had more faith in Trump, the GOP’s expected nominee, to tackle the issue.

Pollsters also found 70 percent believe American democracy is at risk without action to improve the campaign finance system.

Eighty-one percent say money in politics is a bigger problem than ever before, and 93 percent said they think elected officials listen more to donors than voters.

Wednesday’s results also discovered 72 percent back bipartisan cooperation on campaign finance reform.

Seventy-eight percent, meanwhile, believe sweeping new laws are necessary for the reducing the power of money in politics.

Pollsters said voters have little faith either major political party will confront problems associated with wealthy special interests, however.

Thirty-seven percent say Democrats are more likely to address the challenge, and 23 percent pick Republicans instead. Forty percent believe neither party will lead the charge.

Pollsters found voters rank money in politics fifth in the top five issues most important to them this election cycle.

Voters listed the economy as the No. 1 issue, followed by terrorism, healthcare, education and campaign finance.

Issue One/Ipsos conducted its latest sampling of 1,006 adults via interviews conducted June 17–20. It has a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

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