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Eric Trump: The Clintons Are Corrupt

Eric Trump called out Hillary and Bill Clinton on Sunday, calling them corrupt.

“My father is running [because] he’s tired of seeing us taken advantage of. He’s tired of seeing us used. He’s tired of seeing currencies of countries manipulated,” Eric Trump said in an interview with John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York.

“At the same time, while Hillary was Secretary of State … her and Bill made $141 million. Here’s a person who’s supposed to be going around the world representing the United States’s interests. … It’s abuse of power. It’s corruption within government.”

The Hill reports:

Trump said that Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, should have been the country’s “greatest diplomat” but was giving speeches “every night” at Goldman Sachs and bringing in millions.

“All while being a government employee,” Trump added.

“As a nonpolitician, I think I just roll my eyes. … It’s really the worst thing imaginable. And that’s why my father has self-funded his campaign up to this point.

“He doesn’t need this job, but he wants to do something for this country that has given him so much.”

Photo credit: Real Time Politics.

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  • jordanhughes64

    But your daddy doesn’t pay taxes doesn’t pay his workers doesn’t stay married to his wives a serial cheater filed bankruptcy six time incites hate and everything he says 78 percent of the time is a lie….now who’s corrupt?

  • Stike1

    branch does not fall from the tree must be Knutty Pine

  • Lynn Hill

    He sure sounds like his father. Blames everything on other people when half the time he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I don’t believe the Clintons have ever filed bankruptcy filed bankruptcy. They know how to manage their money! Everyone VOTE BLUE!

  • Lynn Hill

    Boy, he sure sounds like his father. Blames everything on other people. I don’t believe the Clintons have ever filed bankruptcy, they pay their taxes as evidenced by the number of years of tax forms she has provided and they know how to manage their money. Donald Trump is a con man who has been using his campaign funds to pay himself for living in his own home, paying himself for staying in his own hotels and paying himself for the food he eats in the hotel. Wonder why he doesn’t have very much in the way of campaign funds? That is why.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    snicker…….snort…..ha-BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha……did he manage to say all this with a straight face? Too funny.

  • sfnative56

    A country that has given his father so much? You mean a country that his taken so much-illegally!!!

  • Celia C-D
  • liberalinlove

    Sad that they grow up and reproduce.