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Several Police Officers Shot by Snipers at Dallas Protest

Four police officers are dead in Dallas after two snipers opened fire during a large protest.

The Hill reports:

The Dallas Police Department said at a press conference that a total of 11 officers were shot after initially reporting 10. Two are in surgery and three are in critical condition. After originally reporting three dead, the department quickly raised the death toll to four.

One civilian was also shot and injured.

One of the deceased and three of those injured are officers for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency.

Police said that officers were targeted “ambush-style” by at least two snipers perched in different positions in Dallas parking garages.

One suspect is in custody after a shootout with police. Another person of interest, whose photo was circulated by the police, turned himself in. It’s not clear what his believed connection is to the shooting. The status of the second sniper is unknown.

Additionally, police reported following someone who left the scene in a car and are questioning the car’s two occupants.

Police also said that there were threats of a bomb planted in downtown Dallas. They are investigating a package discovered near one of the suspects.

The snipers attacked amid a large protest over the deaths of two black men by police officers in the past few days.

Gov. Greg Abbott offered his condolences to the police department and DART in the wake of the shooting.

Photo credit: Theadvocate.com.

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