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Dems Back $15 Minimum Wage in Platform

On Friday, the Democratic National Committee backed a platform that will feature a $15 minimum wage.

The Hill reports:

The move came after a deal made by Sanders backers and supporters of Hillary Clinton at the DNC’s platform meeting in Orlando, the Washington Post reported.

The platform will call for the $15 minimum wage to be indexed.

Sanders called for a $15 minimum wage throughout his presidential campaign.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, had backed a $12 federal minimum wage but supported local efforts to set higher minimum wages in places like New York and California.

Sanders celebrated the DNC’s move on Twitter.

“A few years ago, the fight for $15 was considered radical. Today, it is a cornerstone of the Democratic Party. Now let’s make it the law,” he wrote.

 The two camps failed to reach a deal on Social Security, however. Clinton backers defeated two amendments to support expanding Social Security, as Sanders supporters shouted “shame,” according to the Post.

The amendments dealt with the cap on Social Security taxes and the creation of a new cost of living index for benefits.

The platform maneuvering comes as rumors swirl that Sanders is set to end his presidential campaign and endorse Clinton on Tuesday. The Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia in two weeks.

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