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Trump: Sanders ‘Sold out’ to Clinton

Donald Trump accused Bernie Sanders of selling out to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

The Hill reports:

Clinton and Sanders are slated to appear at their first joint rally in Portsmouth, N.H., on Tuesday, where many expect the Vermont senator to endorse Clinton.
Republicans have lined up to attack both Democrats, after the two faced off in a long and heated presidential primary.
The Republican National Committee riffed on Sanders’s “Feel the Bern” campaign slogan, emailing reporters Tuesday with several of Sanders’s attacks on Clinton during the primary and adding, “Feel the sell out.”
Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee in early June after securing the necessary backing from delegates. Sanders has spent weeks continuing to push for progressive issues, and Clinton formally adopted a more progressive stance on healthcare in a proposal released over the weekend.
Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has made several pitches in recent months to supporters of Sanders, calling on them to instead back his campaign over Clinton’s.
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