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Coulter: I’d Run Immigration System ‘Like Tinder’

Ann Coulter joked on Tuesday that she would run the American immigration system “like Tinder.”

“The whole thing can be solved so simply if [Donald Trump] just puts me in charge of immigration, which I would run like Tinder,” Coulter told Business Insider.

The Hill reports:

Coulter, who supports presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, then outlined some qualifications she would have if she were to decide who could come into the country.

“They’ll send me everyone who wants to immigrate here and I’ll decide them all before breakfast. I know they find it very complicated — who’s to say, who’s to say? No, Ann will say,” she said.

“And I’ll be right. I will do it on looks, IQ, height — oh, and speaking English.”

Coulter, a strong advocate for Trump, said she would happy to serve in a role in a Trump administration regarding immigration reform. But, she added, she would rather head the Federal Communications Commission so she could regulate the media.

She also noted she has never used Tinder.

Photo credit: Fox News / Screenshot.

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