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Gingrich: Obama Isn’t Qualified to Criticize Me over Muslims

Newt Gingrich blasted President Barack Obama on Friday after he questioned Gingrich’s qualifications to bash Muslims.

“Obama’s attack on me would be more impressive if he had ANY plan to defeat Islamic supremacist,” the former GOP Speaker tweeted. “8 years of failure disqualify him as a critic.”

The Hill reports:

Gingrich, who was in the spotlight this week as a potential running mate for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, caught flak over his proposal to “test” Muslims living in the U.S.

The former Speaker, responding to the terrorist attack in Nice, France, on Thursday night, said Muslims who believe in Shariah should be deported.

Obama called Gingrich’s idea for a test on Muslims “repugnant.” White House press secretary Josh Earnest called for Gingrich to “consult his copy of the pocket Constitution.”

“We cannot give into fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life,” Obama said. “We cannot let ourselves be divided by religion, because that is exactly what the terrorists want. We should never do their work for them.”

Some Democrats and Muslim activists also criticized Gingrich’s remarks. Gingrich pushed back on the media “hysteria” over his comments on Friday, while clarifying his position in a Facebook Live video.

“If you are a practicing Muslim and you believe deeply in your faith, but you’re also loyal to the United States and you believe in the Constitution, you should have your rights totally, completely protected within the Constitution,” Gingrich said, according to CNN. “You should have nothing to fear. Your children should have nothing to fear.”

“This is not about targeting a particular religion or targeting people who practice in a particular way,” he continued. “This is about looking at particular characteristics that we have learned painfully, time after time, involve killing people, involve attacks on our civilization.”

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