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Trump Blames Obama, Clinton for France Attack, Turkey Coup Attempt

Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama on Saturday when he blamed them for the recent attacks in France and the coup in Turkey.

“We’re seeing unrest in Turkey, a further demonstration of the failures of Obama-Clinton,” he said. “You just have to look, every single thing they’ve touched has turned to horrible, horrible death-defying problems.”

The Hill reports:

Trump blamed the terror attack in France on the instability in the Middle East created by the two Democratic leaders.
“No matter where you look, and now it’s happening more and more and it’s never going to stop,” he said. “We need new leadership, we need new thinking, we need strength, we need in our country law and order, and if I’m elected president, that will happen.”
He also addressed the coup at the beginning of his remarks, taking pains to avoid revealing whether he supported the uprising.
“It looks like their resolving the difficulty, but we wish them well,” he said. “A lot of anguish last night but hopefully it will all work out.”
Photo credit: Twitter.

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