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GOP Sen at Convention: I’m Not Ruling out Voting for Clinton

Sen. Susan Collins didn’t rule out voting for Hillary Clinton in a panel at the RNC on Tuesday.

“I have always supported the nominee of my party, my entire life, and it is extremely unlikely that I would vote for Hillary Clinton, but I’m not completely closing the door, but it is extremely unlikely,” Collins told CNN.

“It is more likely that I would decide to write in a candidate or choose another approach.”

The Hill reports:

Collins made clear that she also isn’t ruling out voting for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“We still have a ways to go, and I do believe in redemption,” she said.

“And there is a chance that he will make amends, start acting more presidential and come up with a positive agenda for our country.”

Collins, who has criticized Trump in the past, said previously her decision on whether to endorse Trump may depend on who he chooses as a running mate.

“This evolves daily. There are surprises daily. And I’m going to see what happens at the convention,” Collins said earlier.

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