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Meghan McCain: ‘I No Longer Recognize My Party’

Megyn McCain, daughter of John McCain, called the Republican Party dead on Thursday in a tell-all tweet.

The Hill reports:

The message has been retweeted almost 6,000 times and liked more than 8,500 times.

In an interview with The Hill on Friday, Meghan McCain expanded on why she feels the GOP is now a corpse.

“The Republican Party used to be about free markets, statesmanship, leadership, and the rights to life and liberty for all people,” explained McCain. “Now it’s a party of identity politics, limousine liberalism, anti-immigrant rhetoric and incoherent foreign policy.

I no longer recognize my party and I don’t think Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan would either.”

So does this mean McCain, a Fox News contributor and host of “America Now” on iHeartRadio, will vote for Hillary Clinton or a third-party candidate like Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson?

“I’m voting with my conscience and that won’t be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,” the 31-year-old said. “I will most likely be writing in Lindsey Graham simply because he’s like an uncle to me and closest to my political ideology.”

John McCain also said back in February that he wouldn’t be endorsing any GOP candidates, telling Neil Cavuto of Fox News at the time, “Lindsey Graham was my man.” Graham had dropped out of the race weeks earlier.

The GOP struggled to show party unity at this year’s Republican National Convention: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wouldn’t endorse Donald Trump in a prime-time speech, Ohio Gov. John Kasich wouldn’t even show up for the event in his own state, and one-time presidential favorites Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) stayed home.

So is the party fractured beyond repair?

“Trump winning or losing has nothing to do with the party if the party can recover or not,” Meghan McCain said. “The problems run deeper than that.”

And how does McCain sum up here four eventful days in Cleveland?

“This convention was one of the worst weeks of my life.”

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