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Clinton Aide: ‘I Think These Elections Were Fair’

One of Hillary Clinton’s aides dismissed claims that the current election cycle has been unfair.

“I think these elections were fair,” said Joel Benenson on “Fox News Sunday” when asked about a trove of emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday that appeared to show top officials at the DNC planning ways to undermine rival Bernie Sanders during the presidential primary contests.

The Hill reports:

Benenson said close to 30 million people voted during the course of the primaries and Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, won a vast majority of delegates.
Benenson said he thinks the DNC will conduct a full review of all of the leaked emails and said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the emails until the full review is conducted.
“These primaries are largely fought out on the ground, with voters,” he said.
“The DNC’s impact in these things is minimal compared to the results.”
The aide also said the person who sent an email questioning Sanders’s religion has apologized.
“We don’t believe anybody’s religion should ever be an issue in any campaign,” Benenson said.

Photo credit: YouTube.

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