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Michael Bloomberg to Endorse Clinton at Convention

According to reports, Michael Bloomberg is set to endorse Hillary Clinton at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

The Hill reports:

Bloomberg is expected to make the announcement Wednesday in an address at the Democratic National Convention, The New York Times reported. He will speak on the same night as President Obama and Vice President Biden.

In his speech, Bloomberg will attempt to sell Clinton as the best option for moderate voters, the Times reported.

He will talk about Clinton “from the perspective of a business leader and an independent,” senior Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said.

Bloomberg was reportedly pleased with Clinton’s decision to choose Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) as her running mate.

Bloomberg hasn’t been a member of the Democratic Party since 2000; he was elected mayor of New York City as a Republican and later became an independent.

Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said Bloomberg would bring “a unique and important voice that lays out the choice in this election.”

“As a business leader and philanthropist, Michael Bloomberg has lived his values and fought to make a difference for others,” she said.

Bloomberg, who mulled a presidential run of his own this cycle, has criticized GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country and his immigration policy plans.

“These moves would divide us at home and compromise our moral leadership around the world,” Bloomberg wrote in March, explaining his decision not to run, lest he make it easier for Trump to win. “The end result would be to embolden our enemies, threaten the security of our allies, and put our own men and women in uniform at greater risk.”

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