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Sanders Delegates Boo Clinton’s Name

Monday was a dramatic night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as Bernie Sanders’ supporters booed Hillary Clinton’s name.

The Hill reports:

Actress Rosario Dawson criticized Clinton at a delegate powwow where Sanders is set to take the stage.
Clinton, Dawson said, is “not a leader. She is a follower.”
“She follows public opinion on things. If we stay strong … our revolution is dependent on your time, energy. Your blood, sweat and tears,” she said.
Dawson and rapper Killer Mike helped warm up the crowd before Sanders took the stage. The senator is set to address his delegates ahead of the formal start of the Democratic National Convention Monday afternoon.
The crowd also booed when Dawson mentioned Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is stepping down from her role later this week after leaked emails showed her making critical comments of Sanders and his campaign.
Both celebrities focused on the future of what Sanders supporters call the “revolution.”
Killer Mike said: “This revolution is not for now; it is forever.”
Photo credit: YouTube / Screenshot.

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