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Sanders Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her up’ at Philadelphia Rally: Report

According to a report, Bernie Sanders supporters chanted “lock her up” at the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

The Hill reports:

The Wall Street Journal reported that protesters chanted “lock her up,” with some wearing “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts, as they marched in Philadelphia the day before the Democratic National Convention.

The chant echoed throughout last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, a regular response to almost any criticism of Hillary Clinton. And “Hillary for Prison” shirts could be spotted across the city, as vendors lined the streets hocking a slew of controversial shirts to convention-goers.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was cleared of wrongdoing by the Justice Department in the investigation of her use of a private email server while she was secretary of State. But in clearing Clinton of criminal charges, FBI Director James Comey slammed Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” in working with sensitive information.

The chants typify the concerns about party unity leading up to the convention. These concerns have only been exacerbated by the recent release of DNC emails that show party officials discussing ways to undermine Sanders’s presidential primary challenge to Clinton.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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