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Snowden: Dems Replaced One Anti-Sanders Leader with Another

Edward Snowden blasted the Democrats on Monday for replacing one anti-Sanders leader with another one.

The Hill reports:

In the email, the reporter asked Brazile if she would be able to talk about the fight between the Sanders campaign and the DNC over adequate representation on the party’s Platform Committee.

In response, Brazile said: “I have no intentions of touching this. Why? Because I will cuss out the Sanders camp!”

Wasserman Schultz announced on Sunday she would resign at the end of the convention. The Florida congresswoman still planned to open the convention, but on Monday she abandoned those plans after she was booed at an appearance before her home-state delegation.

On Monday, Brazile apologized for the emails that attacked the Sanders campaign.

“On behalf of the party, I wanted to apologize for the salacious and sensitive, very mean-spirited emails that were referenced to in the WikiLeaks,” she told Fox News on Monday.

But Brazile said the Democrats must not let the messages divide them ahead of the general election.

Photo credit: NBC / Screenshot.

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