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Chelsea Clinton: My Dad Wants to Be ‘First Laddy’

Chelsea Clinton joked on Thursday that her father, Bill Clinton, wants to be known as “the first laddy.”

“There’s so much discussion about what your dad will be called if your mom becomes the next president of the United States,” host Matt Lauer said Thursday on NBC’s “Today” show.

“What does he wanna be called?” he asked of Bill Clinton. “Have you talked about it at home?”

“Well, you know, he likes to hearken back to his kind of Irish roots, so I think he’d love to be called ‘first laddy,’” Chelsea Clinton said of the nation’s 42nd commander in chief.

“That’s probably not gonna catch on,” Lauer retorted after chuckling.

“No, I don’t think so,” Chelsea Clinton agreed. “So I’m definitely voting for ‘first gentleman.’”

The Hill reports:

Democrats on Tuesday formally nominatedHillary Clinton for the presidency during their party’s national convention in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton is America’s first female presidential nominee for a major political party.

Chelsea Clinton, who will introduce her mother late Thursday, said she is awestruck by the significance of her mother becoming a major U.S. political party’s first female presidential nominee.

“I’m gonna try really hard not to cry,” she said. “I just — I think my heart will burst.

“Well, I hope to convey even just a small sense of why I am so proud and grateful to be her daughter, why I’m grateful for the example she’s set for me as a mom.”

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