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NC GOP Mistakenly Attacks Kaine for ‘Shameful’ Pin

The North Carolina GOP blasted Sen. Tim Kaine on Wednesday night after they mistook his lapel as the Honduras flag.

The Hill reports:

The party’s account later responded to the reporter, saying “We appreciate you letting us know. Thanks for letting us correct our mistake.”

Kaine has repeatedly mentioned his son, Nat, in the few appearances he has made on the campaign trail so far. He also spoke of his son’s service while accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for vice president Wednesday.

“You know, my son, Nat, deployed with his Marine battalion just two days ago. He deployed overseas to protect and defend the very NATO allies that Donald Trump says he now wants to abandon. Semper fi, Nat. Semper fi,” Kaine said.

The Virginia senator also has recounted taking time off from law school to volunteer as a missionary in Honduras, an experience he says shaped his life.

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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