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Poll: Voters with Higher Levels of Education Favor Clinton

A new poll by Morning Consult has revealed that more educated voters tend to favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

The Hill reports:

According to a Morning Consult poll released Thursday, Clinton leads the Republican presidential nominee by 17 points, 51 to 34 percent, among voters with postgraduate degrees.

Among those with bachelor’s degrees, Clinton leads Trump, 45 to 40 percent. Clinton’s biggest lead comes from those between the ages of 18 and 34 who have graduated college: 54 percent said they support Clinton compared to the 30 percent who support Trump.

Meanwhile, the poll shows Trump leading Clinton, 49 to 33, percent among voters over the age of 65 who did not attend college.

Of all surveyed, Trump led Clinton by 1 point among those who did not attend college, 41 to 40 percent.

Trump made headlines in February when he said he loved the “poorly educated.”

“We won the evangelicals, we won with the young, we won with the old, we won with highly educated, we won with the poorly education. I love the poorly educated,” Trump said fresh off a win in the Nevada caucuses.

The Morning Consult poll of 23,347 registered voters was conducted from June 1 to 14. It has a margin of error 1 percentage point.

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  • vizunary

    So voters that have been more indoctrinated by liberal tenured professors that can’t actually do anything are more liberal? Who’d a thunk it? I wonder whose favored by people that work for a living?

    • Greg PJR

      yep. lacking that higher education there, huh?

      Anyone who has ever been to a higher education institution knows that when you write a paper it is judged not by liberality but factuality in peer review sources. Conclusions can be made to prove one’s point but it has to be declared by researched peer reviewed papers or data to support one’s claim. The correctness of the claim is not the issue but it’s thoroughness in data collection and its ability to connect the dots is.

    • lkagno

      Perfect example of dumb black-or-white thinking. Guess what–we work for a living, too, but libs are more likely to have bothered to get an education. My friend, why does It NEVER occur to you to say, “hmmm…that might be true. Maybe I should do more reading or take a class at the local community college….”

    • Rick Hiller

      Actually, those who are better educated ARE those with the jobs, and those who drive the economy. Only fact averse, very ignorant, uneducated morons could believe or support the constant lies, hatred, and demagoguery of Donald Trump and the corrupt, science denying GOP.

    • Kinsey6

      It has nothing to do with being indoctrinated by liberal tenured professors, and everything to do with having learned more. It’s no different than someone in high school knowing more than someone in kindergarten.

    • Michael Angelo III

      Thank you for proving the point of the article. Bitterness + Sarcasm + 5th grade language skills = sad, ineffectual conservative.

  • Bonnie Harris

    Of course they are. And most of Trumps supporters are hillbilly rednecks, old white racists southerners and uneducated poor whites, the ones easily manipulated. And the rest are educated fools with no common sense.

  • David Horning

    “Education” = “Liberal Indoctrination”
    Today’s students are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

    • Tara Rose Palumbo

      Not quite…

    • Kinsey6

      Nope… not at all. That’s just a cop out from someone who didn’t get very far in school.

    • Michael Angelo III

      Like the sheep in church congregations all across the country?

  • filehawg

    False Most Hillary Supporters are Sheep that refuse to open their eyes to the truth.

  • TheBelltower

    While the percentage difference isn’t that great, this is a fairly significant seismic shift. The uneducated used to side more with Democrats by a pretty large margin. But the GOP is in shambles today, and anyone with a brain is migrating over to the left.