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Trump Surrogate: ‘I Reject’ Khan’s Attacks

Donald Trump surrogate Sen. Jeff Sessions came to the defense of Trump on Sunday after Khazir Khan, a Muslim man who lost his son, a member of the U.S. Army, in the Iraq war, insulted Trump.

The Hill reports:

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Khan said Trump has a “black soul” for questioning his wife, Ghazala Khan, who appeared alongside Khan at the Democratic National Convention.

“I reject that and I’m disappointed that he would say that,” Sessions said in a later interview on the show, citing Trump’s praise of Khan’s fallen son, Capt. Humayun Khan.

Trump implied in an interview that aired on Sunday that Khan’s wife did not speak up during the couple’s convention appearance because of her Muslim faith. Sessions pointed out that Trump had also praised the couple and their son for their sacrifice.

“His interview was not unkind; it was respectful. He expressed condolences to the family for their loss,” Sessions said.

He also pushed back against accusations that Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country is bigoted.

“Millions of Americans are in favor of that policy,” the senator said.

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