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Clinton Opens up 9-Point National Lead in CNN Poll

The latest CNN/ORC poll has placed Hillary Clinton 9 points ahead of Donald Trump.

The Hill reports:

Clinton is ahead by a margin of 52 percent to 43 percent in a head-to-head match-up, a 7-point bump from CNN/ORC’s last poll.

When the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein are added in, Clinton leads Trump, the GOP nominee, 45 percent to 37 percent.
It’s the second major poll released since the convention to show a bounce for Clinton. A CBS poll found she held a 7-point lead over Trump after the convention, a 4-point shift in her favor.

The CNN poll underscores Trump’s problems in winning over non-white voters, as he trails not only Clinton but Johnson and Stein with minority voters.

Seventy percent of non-white voters back Clinton, 8 percent back each Johnson and Stein, and 7 percent back Trump.

Forty-four percent of Clinton supporters say they would not change their minds before Election Day, while 36 percent of Trump supporters say the same.

She also boosted the number of Americans who believe her policies are a shift in the right direction — 43 percent feel that way before the Democratic convention, while 48 believe so now.

While Trump briefly led Clinton in RealClearPolitics’s averages of both the one-on-one and the four-way race in the GOP convention’s aftermath, Clinton has snatched control of the lead after her convention.

The findings of the CNN poll would keep Johnson and Stein on the outside looking in at this fall’s debates.

Third-party candidates must get 15 percent of the vote to make the debate stage.

Johnson gets 9 percent in the new CNN poll, while Stein secures 5 percent.

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