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Scarborough: Independent Conservative Candidate Will Announce Presidential Bid

On Monday, Joe Scarborough hints to an independent conservative candidate to challenge Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Hill Reports:

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Monday that an independent conservative candidate on Monday will announce a challenge to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“It does appear that there is going to be a well-funded independent candidate,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe,” without providing a name.

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman from Florida, said the candidate would aim to get on 20 to 30 state ballots.

“Certainly they still believe they can go past the 270 [electoral votes] threshold so this person will be able to be in debates,” he said.
He offered personal conjecture based on his sources, however, that “this has more to do with stopping Donald Trump than actually electing a president.”
Scarborough said in follow-up tweets that the candidate “has an impressive resume” and the backing of donors but has never held elected office.

Republicans earlier this year tried to find an independent candidate to offer an alternative to Trump, who has remained a divisive figure in the party.

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