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Clinton Camp Wants FBI Interview Files Released to the Public

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is letting the FBI make the notes from their interview with Clinton released widely to the public.

The Hill Reports:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is calling on the FBI to make the notes from their interview with the former secretary of State released widely to the public.

The call came after the FBI on Tuesday afternoon sent its notes on the interview to Congress, a day after they were requested by a group of House GOP members.

“This is an extraordinarily rare step that was sought solely by Republicans for the purposes of further second-guessing the career professionals at the FBI,” said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon, according to MSNBC.

“We believe that if these materials are going to be shared outside the Justice Department, they should be released widely so that the public can see them for themselves, rather than allow Republicans to mischaracterize them through selective, partisan leaks,” he added.

The FBI’s investigation in Clinton’s private email server was concluded over a month ago. Days after announcing his findings publicly, FBI Director James Comey appeared before the House Oversight Committee for more than four hours defending his agency’s decision not to press charges. The FBI director also said that Clinton had not lied in her interview with the FBI.

But Comey’s decision angered Republicans. Some GOP lawmakers have questioned if Clinton made misstatements in testimony before Congress and have pressed for the Justice Department to look into possible perjury.

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