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Gingrich: We’re Seeing More ‘Mature,’ ‘Humble’ Trump

Newt Gingrich suggested on Friday that the American public were starting to see a more mature and humble Donald Trump.

“I think what you’ve seen this week is, literally, I don’t know if he’ll like the term or not, you’ve seen a more mature, and in a way a more humble Donald Trump,” Gingrich, a Trump confidant, told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday night.

The Hill reports:

Gingrich described Trump, who he’s known for many years, as “a guy who’s beginning to realize that seeking to lead the most complicated country in the world, seeking to lead 325 million people, is a real burden.”
Gingrich heaped praise on the GOP presidential nominee for admitting this week that he regretted saying things during the primaries that had hurt people — though he didn’t specify what.
Gingrich said it was “the best week” of Trump’s campaign.
“It was almost like a contest between his stubbornness and his IQ,” Gingrich said of Trump’s internal struggles through the campaign.
“His IQ really knew that he had to move to a new level, that he had to become a real presidential alternative.”
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