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GOP Rep: Trump Doesn’t Have One Trait I’d Want My Son to Emulate

Rep. Scott Rigell said on Friday that Donald Trump sets a terrible example for children.

“There is not one character trait in Donald Trump I would want my son to emulate,” Rigell told Time Magazine on Friday.

“I’m so embarrassed to be identified with him and in fact, I couldn’t be.”

The Hill reports:

Rigell, who came to office in the 2010 Tea Party wave, represents Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, which has a large military constituency.
Rigell has been among the most vocal “Never Trump” Republicans throughout the 2016 race. He recently signed a letter urging the GOP to stop supporting Trump and to shift its money to help down-ballot candidates instead.
“I need to have a clear conscience in this matter,” Rigell reportedly said, explaining why he signed the controversial letter.

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