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Sanders Launches Nonprofit to Carry on Campaign’s Goals

Bernie Sanders officially launched his nonprofit titled, “Our Revolution” on Wednesday.

“Our Revolution” intends to harness the energy of his supporters and help progressive political candidates across the country.

“We changed the conversation regarding the possibilities of our country,” Sanders said, speaking from his hometown of Burlington, Vt., in a live stream to supporters. The Independent senator’s address was aired live at more than 2,000 organizing meetings nationwide.

“Real change never ever takes place from the top on down. It’s not some guy signing a bill. It always takes place from the bottom up when millions of people come together and demand fundamental change in the country,” he said.

The Hill reports:

Being a senator prevents Sanders from leading the organization, but two of his closest aides, Jeff Weaver and Shannon Jackson, will serve as president and executive director.

The organization will take on special interests and push ballot initiatives across the country on campaign finance, healthcare, labor and gender issues, he said.

It will also support progressives running for all levels of government, from local school boards to the U.S. Senate.

But the organization has already met with internal turmoil. At least a dozen full-time staffers have quit amid internal disputes centering around Weaver, who was also Sanders’s campaign manager.

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