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Trump to Campaign in Front of Black Audience in Detroit

Presidential candidate Donald Trump will be campaigning in Detroit over the long weekend in order to appeal to African American voters.

The Hill reports:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to campaign over the Labor Day weekend in front a mainly African-American audience, Bloomberg News reported.

Trump will speak Saturday at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit.
Pastor Mark Burns, a supporter of the GOP nominee, said in a statement that Trump would be interviewed by the leader of the church, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. Trump will answer questions “relevant to the African community,” Burns said, citing issues such as education, unemployment and making our streets safe.

“He will then give an address to outline policies that will impact minorities and the disenfranchised in our country,” Burns said.

“Citizens around the country will see, as I’ve have seen, the heart and compassion Mr. Trump has for all Americans, which includes minority communities whose votes have been taken for granted for far too long.”

Jackson told Bloomberg News he is undecided about his endorsement in the general election, but he said it’s “important that Mr. Trump be able to speak to our community and be able to lay out his plan for our community.”

“The bottom line is what will his administration do to make sure we don’t have a divided country?”

“There are many adversities and setbacks in our communities when it comes to crime, education and jobs,” Jackson added. “We don’t have any more time to waste.”

Trump has been asking black voters what they have to lose by backing a Trump candidacy.

“Look at how badly things are going under decades of Democratic leadership — look at the schools, look at the 58 percent of young African-Americans not working,” Trump said at a rally earlier this month. “It is time for change.

“What do you have to lose by trying something new?”

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