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Kerry to Media: Scale Back Terror Coverage

Secretary of State John Kerry believes that the media can influence people to commit terrorism, especially if they seek attention for their actions.

The Hill reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Bangladesh that the media is helping to advance terrorism.

“If you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people,” explained Kerry.

“You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much.

“People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

The audience reportedly applauded Kerry’s remarks on Monday.

Kerry’s comments were in reference to a July 1 attack in Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, where 20 hostages inside a bakery were slain. Nine terrorists were also killed in the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history.

Kerry’s remarks were made at the Edward M. Kennedy Center, which is a joint project between the Bangladeshi Liberation War Museum and the U.S. Embassy based in Dhaka.

According to its web page, the center is “committed to open dialogue, informed action, individual and artistic expression, and personal and professional development.”

Photo credit: Raw Story.

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