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Bretibart Bashed Clinton for Calling Mexican President a ‘Friend’

Breitbart news bashed Clinton for calling Mexican President Nieto “our friend” three months ago, but was silent Wednesday when Trump called Nieto “a friend”.

The Hill reports:

Republican nominee Donald Trump called Mexican president Peña Nieto “a friend” in remarks to the press after the two met for over an hour in a closed-door sit-down in Mexico City.

Three months ago, Breitbart News — a conservative web publication once run by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon — criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for also calling President Peña “our friend.”

“‘Our friend,’ says Clinton about Mexican president with campaign allegedly financed by cartels,” read the headline.

The June 3 article was written by Ildefonso Ortiz and highlights accusations against Peña by some in Mexican media of taking bribes from Mexican drug cartels while not being effective against crime and violence in his country.

Breitbart’s live coverage of Trump’s Mexico visit mentioned that he referred to Peña as a friend.

Bannon, 62, left Breitbart earlier this month to run the Trump campaign along with GOP pollster Kelly Anne Conway, who effectively replaced Steve Manafort as campaign manager.

Photo credit: CNN/Screenshot.

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