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Trump to Receive Second Intelligence Briefing: Report

Although many criticize Donald Trump for his braggadocious speaking style, which could be a problem if he receives classified information, Trump will receive another intelligence briefing Friday.

The Hill reports:

Donald Trump is set to receive another classified briefing from U.S. intelligence officials on Friday, according to ABC News.

The classified briefing is the GOP nominee’s second and will take place at the FBI’s field office in New York City, a senior campaign official told the network.

Trump received his first briefing two weeks ago, which lasted about two hours and covered worldwide threats.

Trump brought advisers New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to his first briefing.

Trump’s critics expressed doubts he could be trusted with classified information, given his penchant for loose rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Critics of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also raised doubts that she could be trusted with that information, given her handling of material on her private server.

Clinton received her first classified briefing last weekend.

Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham (D), who served as the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and has endorsed Clinton, said he was “pleased” Trump was getting briefings.

“I’m pleased that he is receiving these briefings,” he said Wednesday at an event at the National Press Club. “I assume that he will be careful.”

“I think it’s not only in the tradition of recent years, but it’s very valuable that a person not show up on the first day of the job as president of the United States ignorant of what the conditions in the world that protect the security of the United States might be,” Graham added.

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