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Ben Carson Remembers His Luggage, Runs off Mid-Interview

During a recent interview with CNN, Ben Carson ran mid-interview after remembering that he forgot his luggage.

The Hill reports:

“We just saw Mr. Trump here and I asked him how did it go and he said ‘Great.’ He said he learned a lot of things. What do you think he took away from today?” CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond asked Carson.

Carson suddenly had a concerned look on his face.

“Oh my luggage. Um — hold on,” Carson responded, before walking off.

Carson was in Detroit with the Republican presidential nominee as he marked his first appearance at a traditionally black church of his campaign. Trump spoke at the Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit, addressing the congregation to speak about his vow to continue the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party and calling for a new “civil rights agenda for our time.”

Carson spoke to the press following a brief tour of his childhood home and neighborhood.

Photo credit: CNN / Screenshot.

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