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Stein: ‘We Are Living with a Couple of Nightmare Campaigns’

The Green Party’s Jill Stein slammed the two major presidential candidates and their campaigns on Sunday.

“We are living with a couple of nightmare campaigns right now that the American people object to at absolutely unprecedented levels,” Stein said on “Fox News Sunday.”

The Hill reports:

She was responding to a question about a Washington Post editorial that said Stein is “spinning up a fairy tale” and dismissed her policy ideas as “poorly formed and wildly impractical.”

“The American people are saying that politics as usual has been throwing them under the bus, and, in fact, the two major-party candidates have the highest rating of disapproval and distrust of any candidate anywhere at any time throughout our history,” Stein said.

“So what I’m saying is what the American people are calling for.”

Stein said the presidential debates need to be opened up to third-party candidates to better inform voters.

Stein continued to slam Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“She cannot be the good guy in the white hat while Donald Trump is the bad guy in the black hat,” Stein said.

“Donald Trump says despicable things, but Hillary Clinton unfortunately has a record of doing many terrible things.”

Photo credit: Twitter.

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